"Donald Trump reads it every day and it’s the one newspaper that he believes to be a truthful and correct paper out of everything else.“

"Donald Trump reads it every day and it’s the one newspaper that he believes to be a truthful and correct paper out of everything else.“

⁃Paul Taylor, Candidate for U.S. Senate (see video below)

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What does President Trump think about the Epoch Times? Watch now:

A Return to True, American Journalism

Chasing the truth, grounding all statements in facts, preventing people from being misinformed and misled — The Epoch Times is a return to traditional and authentic journalism.
  • No Communism

    Uncovering the devastating effects of Communism throughout this nation & the world.
  • Fair & Balanced Reporting

    Presenting you with the facts and context — allowing you to make up your own mind.
  • Unbiased Coverage of Trump

    White House reporters cover the administration without spin, bias or hidden agendas.
  • Rooted in Traditional Values

    Chasing the truth tirelessly in order to uphold a moral society grounded in virtue.

⋆⋆⋆ What’s Inside Each Edition? ⋆⋆⋆

Trump Coverage

Know What Really Happened
When reporting on the Trump administration, we clear out any spin and bring you the cold hard facts.

This Week’s Fake News

Keeping News Accountable
Not everything that you read out there is factual. We do a weekly deep dive into key issues and explore what’s true and false, keeping our readers from being misinformed and misled.

Traditional Arts & Culture

Reviving Lost Heritage
Traditional culture and arts, passing down the accumulated wisdom of thousands of years, connect us to our ancestors and give us insight into ourselves.

U.S. and World News

A Clear Lens
Our American teams bring you stories from our southern border, from the heartland, from DC and from New York.
Our network of reporters in 33 countries give you the scoop on world events.

Dead End of Communism

Exposing Communism
Communism has killed at least 100 million people, yet its crimes have not been fully compiled and its ideology still persists among us. We expose this movement’s history, beliefs and motivations.

China News

Like No One Else
China, the last large communist holdout, is America’s largest trading partner. It’s also America’s largest security threat. Our deep insights and reporting help you stay informed and keep your family safe.
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"I couldn't believe it all these people on their way to work would come in and they pick up the newspaper. I realized that's part of their day because they're getting good information from this newspaper."
Terry Smith, CEO of Smith's Research & Gradings
"It’s a remarkable and professional bottom-up effort, an informative read, a serious enterprise in an age of media decline."
Danny Schechter, Emmy Award-Winning Producer

Daring to Report on What Others Won't

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  • New York (Manhattan) based.
  • Completely independent news organization.
  • Founded in 2000 to provide truthful uncensored reporting.

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Illegal Spying on President Trump (February 9, 2018)
The Secret Propaganda War on Our Minds (April 6, 2018)
China's Military Expansion into Space (March 23, 2018)
Hillary Clinton and the Uranium One Deal (February 16, 2018)

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